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  • Fund commercial litigation of varied claim type and size,
  • Offer strategic partnership and unparalleled insight and support to our clients,
  • Invest in the success of each client's case,
  • Ensure that our clients achieve the best possible resolution of their legal disputes.
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Amerevision helped us to fight until my company reached the settlement we deserved. Not only did their funding allow us to win, but I could focus on running my business while they managed the case.

Without Amerevision behind me, I would not have been able to pursue this lawsuit. I certainly did not expect to be so successful.



No matter how strong a legal case may be, its outcome depends on your attorney’s performance and your ability to communicate effectively with your attorney. We believe that our involvement, while respectful of attorney-client privilege, enhances transparency between the parties.


We invest our own capital into our clients’ cases. Your success is our success. That means we do everything in our power to make sure you achieve the goal of your litigation. We believe in out-of-the-box thinking and innovation. When necessary, we offer bespoke agreements and services.