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Amerevision Ahead of the Curve as Governments Tighten Up on Litigation Funders

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Amerevision Ahead of the Curve as Governments Tightened Up on Litigation Funders

Amerevision Legal Finance continues to shine as policy-makers propose regulation for third-party litigation funding in Australia.

April 18, 2014


In 2013, the Australian government launched a 15 month inquiry into the nation’s civil dispute resolution system. The inquiry came amidst concerns the civil justice system was too slow, too expensive and too adversarial. On April 8, 2014, the Productivity Commission’s preliminary findings were published in a draft report, which unveiled a new set of industry regulation proposals.   Once finalized, the report could “substantially affect how civil litigation is conducted” in Australia.

Litigation Funding is already popular in Australia and was a focus of the inquiry.  The commission found that litigation funding helps “[equalize] the imbalance of resources… between plaintiffs and corporate firm defendants, helping promote… accountability… [gives] claimants access to… funders who can help their clients as a result of their extensive commercial and legal experience, and manage the dispute on the client’s behalf…[and promote] access to justice.”  In short, the model of litigation funding offered by Amerevision Legal Finance, unusual in the United States, is considered not only  ethical and effective, but vital by the Australian Government.

In fact, Amerevision is the only company to offer this kind of funding for commercial claims as low as $300,000 in the United States.  CEO Hezi Torati created Amerevision’s pioneering business model by adapting a legal financing model implemented by large corporations engaged in high-stakes, multi-million dollar litigations for smaller businesses.  

While the concept is still in its infancy in the United States, third party litigation funding has been available to a more significant extent in Australia and the rest of the world for several decades. Mr. Torati’s background in international business and finance helped him to formulate Amerevision’s business model to meet the needs of businesses in the United States.

Litigation funding is currently unregulated both in Australia and in the United States.  In a positive development, the commission recommends implementing regulatory measures such as licensing, ethical and professional standards for the litigation financing industry in Australia.


Amerevision Capital LLC is based in New York City and provides litigation funding on behalf of persons and small businesses, optimizing its clients’ likelihoods of obtaining expedient and favorable outcomes and maximizing their awards or savings.  It was founded in 2011 by Hezi Torati, who has successfully pioneered several innovative and varied niche models of financing in the United States and internationally.

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