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Amerevision Debuts Legal Financing Solution for Entrepreneurs

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NYC Litigation Funders, Amerevison, Debuts Legal Financing Solution for Business Owners

Amerevision Legal Finance CEO Hezi Torati unveils new type of litigation funding to aid business owners with legal disputes and claims.

 April 8, 2014


 Start-up: Amerevision Capital

 Founder: Hezi Torati

 Employees: Nine full-time

 Location: New York City

 Founded: 2012

 The Pitch:  Amerevision is a litigation financing company that invests in its clients’ cases, paying legal costs directly and providing research and support to increase each client’s likelihood of succeeding.  Its clients are small and medium-sized business owners engaged in commercial disputes ranging from intellectual property to real property, to professional malpractice, to contractual.   “We saw business owners leaving legal claims unresolved, abandoning important lawsuits that would have protected them against liability or competition and made or saved them a significant amount of money.  We also saw lawyers mishandling important litigations and ‘taking clients for a ride’, and that business owners are often ill-equipped know whether they are being properly represented.  Our company solves both problems.”

 How It Works:  When a business owner has a legal claim they want to pursue and applies to Amerevision for legal financing, the claim’s merits undergo extensive review.  A minority of applicants are accepted.  A client may have already selected an attorney, in which case Amerevision reviews the attorney’s background, references, and legal writing samples and interviews the attorney as part of the application process.  If they have not, they may choose from a list of attorneys that Amerevision has already vetted that practice the appropriate area of law.

Amerevision provides the extensive research it has performed on the case during application review to the client’s chosen attorney.  In addition to paying the client’s legal costs, Amerevision continues to provide back office research and support services to the attorney and keep the client informed as mediation, litigation, or arbitration proceeds. Amerevision’s success depends on the successful outcome of its client’s cases, so Amerevision’s ongoing engagement with all parties is comprehensive and meticulous.  This third party involvement encourages creative problem solving, transparency and positive results.  “Business owners face enough obligations and risks related to the running of their core business without those added by litigation,” says Mr. Torati.   “We allow them to stay focused on growing their company.”

 Financing: Clients pay Amerevision an agreed upon percentage of their settlement, whether it comes in the form of an award or savings.    In many cases, the fee is paid in installments.

 Traction:  Amerevision has over one hundred active clients in New York and surrounding areas.

 Client Example:  Mr. Roberts has a New York based paint distribution company, which has been in business for over twenty years.  He is currently working with Amerevision on a real estate related claim in Suffolk County.  When he thinks about the many claims he chose not to pursue because of the expense and time doing so would have required, he wishes that such a solution would have been available to him earlier.  He intends to call Amerevision first when such issues, which he now considers “opportunities,” emerge in the future.


Amerevision Capital LLC is based in New York City and provides litigation funding on behalf of persons and small businesses, optimizing its clients’ likelihoods of obtaining expedient and favorable outcomes and maximizing their awards or savings.  It was founded in 2011 by Hezi Torati, who has successfully pioneered several innovative and varied niche models of financing in the United States and internationally.

For Press Inquires contact:          Mia A. Logan       The Amerevision Group LLC



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