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Our Clients

If you believe you have a meritorious legal claim but do not have the funds to pursue it, you are not alone. Too frequently, the party who can afford to litigate longer and more thoroughly wins the case. But litigation funding levels the legal playing field. Amerevision accepts claimholder plaintiffs and defendants as clients at nearly all stages of litigation or mediation. We review applications from litigants who have already retained counsel and those who have not, perhaps for financial reasons. To share the details of your case with us, please apply here
Amerevision partners with attorneys on a case specific basis, providing direct payment for work performed where a firm’s client has a strong case but lacks the ability to cover the costs of litigating. Attorneys and law firms working with Amerevision enjoy prompt, complete payment and back-office support, if requested. This enables attorneys to focus on their profession and grow their practice.
Your company may benefit from the opportunity to outsource legal expenses. The ability to pursue a legal claim to the fullest extent and to invest in expert representstion can be essential for a business and make the difference between its success or failure. But, litigation is a non-core, high-risk activity and consequently, companies frequently forfeit potentially valuable claims. Working with us enables businesses to offset financial risk while retaining the upside of a legal claim.


Our dedicated team possesses decades of combined experience in litigation and finance, and we invest significant resources into research. This enables us to stay abreast of important legal trends and accurately assess the implications a legal case will have on you and your business.


No matter how strong a legal case may be, its outcome depends on your attorney’s performance and your ability to communicate effectively with your attorney. We believe that our involvement, while respectful of attorney-client privilege, enhances transparency between the parties.


We invest our own capital into our clients’ cases. Your success is our success. That means we do everything in our power to make sure you achieve the goal of your litigation. We believe in out-of-the-box thinking and innovation. When necessary, we offer bespoke agreements and services.