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SCOTUS Turns Away 9/11 Victims Seeking Suit |via Christian Science Monitor

The Christian Science Monitor  - 06/30/14
Attorneys for the 9/11 victim lawsuit against the many institutions and industries that directly and indirectly supported Al Qaeda’s financial ability faced a challenged today as the Supreme Court declined to take up the case.



“Lawyers for those killed or injured or who suffered property damage in the hijack-terror operation sought to pursue what they said were the “principal financial and operational supporters of al Qaeda” during the period leading up to the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

They included several Saudi banks, Islamic charities, three financial institutions in Liechtenstein, four of Mr. bin Laden’s half brothers, and the family construction business, the Saudi Binladin Group.

A federal judge and a federal appeals court dismissed much of the case, ruling that the plaintiffs’ lawyers had failed to show evidence that actions taken by the alleged Al Qaeda supporters had approximately caused the injuries suffered by the victims on 9/11.”

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